Seed 1 – Québec

Seed 1 - "Manger saison" farm - Québec

Before taking the plunge and embarking on the discovery of Europe, we took advantage of this summer to take a tour of our Quebec neighbours. So, between kilos of “putins”, masses of “Tabernacles” and armies of squirrels, we had time to discover life on the farm for 2 weeks in a small village halfway between Quebec and Gaspésie. Our story begins, as is often the case in Quebec, on the banks of the Saint Laurent…

Crossing the saint-Laurent

Here we are at Saint Simeon, on the ferry’s boarding dock to cross the Saint Laurent River to Three Pistols. Our “thumbs up” journey begins! After an announcement at the microphone on the ferry, Katherine will take us to our destination: Rimouski. The intensive course of Quebec begins and with it the history of the region. Rimouski is a small town of 50,000 inhabitants that developed in the 18th century on the banks of the Saint Laurent. It is a classic city of French colonization along the river.

Arrival in rimouski

Sitting in a small café, we wait for Maryse with whom we will live two weeks of woofing on her farm in Saint Anaclet (small village in the hinterland of Quebec). We also meet Luke and their two children: Emile and Florent. Seven years ago, Luc and Maryse left their respective “jobs” to focus on their life project in accordance with their values and beliefs: the creation of a family farm on 1ha, which produces locally and in a reasoned way.

The "manger saison" farm

Their project is inspired by an organic micro-farm located in St-Armand in southern Quebec: The Gardens of the Grelinette ( . They have adapted their project to the climate and the territory on which they live all year round. They are currently the only ones in the Quebec City region to produce and process all of their products on site.

living on the farm

We were able to discover for two weeks the daily life of this family and learn their know-how. A little anecdote: if a Quebecer asks you to go and get “a boiler in the tank”, don’t panic it means to go and get “the bucket in the car”!

producer market

After 7 years, they have a good command of their activity. They sell their products to local grocery stores and the Rimouski market. This market allows locals to buy local and seasonal products. Every Saturday morning, people gather to eat together, chat with the producers and sometimes discover the associations of the city. When we came, we were able to learn African and Brazilian dance. The market is much more than a sales of products, it is a real space of meeting, exchanges, which allows to energize Rimouski. Luc and Maryse are well involved in the project since Maryse is the president of the association.

The market allows you to close the loop! After planting, watering,
picked, processed or not, the product has not been far away, just at
a few miles from the farm. “Tabernacle”! It’s working well!

What we liked about this project:

And before leaving ...

To finish this presentation of our trip to Quebec, a comic book directed by Tariq (only in french…).

Have a good read and see you soon!

Tariq and Lucie

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