Why leave …

Faqila is a life project for us. It is a caravan that we dream of taking from oasis to oasis in Europe to harvest seeds of knowledge, beauty and sow them along our way.

Based on the realization that our society is currently unable to evolve, to mutate with the speed and sagacity that would be necessary to meet the challenge of the next 100 years, namely, adapting humanity and its way of life to its environment and no longer its environment to its way of life, we believe that we must invent the way of life of tomorrow today, whether or not collapse occurs, it is necessary to multiply initiatives, trials, experiments.

This observation is accompanied by the strong conviction of the human ability to go to the best, to surpass itself, to improve his condition and more generally the condition of the world in which he becomes only one element again. This observation and conviction intimates us to get in motion, in action, with its share of successes, failures, fear, crying, joy.

That is why, in order to give ourselves the opportunity to come back, we must once again leave. Go in search of the other. Of the one who paved the way for us. Go and find what exists to bring back what doesn’t yet exist. The Indians say the universe works in a circle. The Earth and the stars are round, the wind rises and eventually swirls, the bird builds its nest in a circle. It was for this reason that their teepees were round, that they understood the cyclical aspect of life and all things. So we’re going to have to make a circle, a tour. On the outside as well as inside.

The protagonists

Leaving to meet

to meet



The sun finally came to dry the few drops that had timidly soaked the soil of the foothills of the mountains forming the north border of Greece. His smile eats half of his face where the nascent beard covers his face. Despite his arm bruised by a life of toil in the fields where he …