Seed 5 – Umbria – Italy

Seed 5 - Panta Rei - Italy

Once again it was a project that we were going to discover and it was a community that we met.

During the last three weeks we shared the life of the Panta Rei Environmental Education Centre.

It’s hard to sum up these 3 weeks that went by so quickly and yet were so rich! To give you an overview (as Alain Chabat did in his heyday), we have :

Makes venchi baskets thanks to Roberto for the knowledge transfer!

Discover the good Italian cuisine made with love (thanks to Pier for the best biscotti in the world).

Made wooden games.

Participated in the creation of a shaman's drum. A huge thank you to patricio for this experience.

Makes olive oil soaps with Mick.

Created a rocket stove for Kokono. Thanks to Marino for the precious help!

Took in the wood for the winter. Thanks to the forest for its active participation in this task!

Makes potions and elixirs to prepare for the coming winter. Thanks to Viviana for her welcome and her knowledge!

Makes our green clay toothpaste.

So this is it for Italy...

As you can imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The other part, the laughter, the songs, the delirium, the warmth, it is not shared with words but it is lived and it remains there in the depths of our hearts and we take it with us on our journeys.

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